Events & Training


2022 WV Orientation to Cave Rescue

A 3-day Orientation to Cave Rescue (OCR) course be led by the Eastern Region in Upper Tract, West Virginia. The OCR course material is presented for students who typically include cavers, emergency service personnel and rescue management personnel.

The OCR is an introductory-level program that consists of instruction in the classroom and in the field during all phases of cave rescue. Some of the material taught are: underground environment, extrication techniques, communication systems, medical management, operations, equipment, documentation, and response systems.

This course is physically demanding. Participants must be in good physical health and must sign a liability waiver.

2022 Virginia Weeklong
National Seminar

An NCRC Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminar will be from July 15-23, 2022 in Covington, Va. Courses offered will be Level 1 and Level 2.


This level, which is a week-long course, has extensive training in all phases of cave a rescue, including vertical litter transport. Instruction in the following: incident command systems, basic medical procedures, mechanical advantage systems, cave environment, communications, litter rigging and transport, and single rope techniques. At the end of this course the student should be well prepared to serve as a team member in most rescue situations.


This week-long class continues where the Task Force Member training ended. Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2, and students are expected to review, practice, ans know their Level 1 skills before attending for Level 2. Students will learn more advanced training in many of the disciplines covered in Level 1 training. Also, students will have the opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership and management skills during a rescue.

This level is another week-long training session. Students will get to expand and refine their vertical rescue skills. There is extensive field work practice in mechanical advantage systems, rebelays, and non-traditional vertical systems. Issues with underground water problems/issues will also be covered, as well as Incident Command activities. Level 2 is a prerequisite for Level 3.

We are currently monitoring the ongoing COVID Pandemic and may make decisions regarding the seminar in response to the pandemic. Our goal of course is to have a safe seminar.